Saturday, October 15, 2016

October 2016 Scraps N' Pieces Blog Train

Oh my goodness, better a little late than never....I am so sorry, between computer and auto issues I almost forgot to post my Blog Train mini this morning. I usually set it up early but had planned to do it and then ended up at the dealer. Let's just say it wasn't cheap! Oh well, that is all part of life!

The colors on this train were pretty gorgeous! Rich and subtle all at the same time. Here is the sample screen of what was submitted.
Here is what I have for you, I hope you like it:
Grab it on this direct download link.
I usually wait until just a few days before the deadline to include things that are different that others submit. Let me know if there is something you would like to see next time.
I am last on the train this month but just in case you need to check back from along the way, here's the list of sites to visit:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wow, for October Ponytails Designs Offers Three New Bundles - You Can't Go Wrong!

Crazy Little Man is all about those funny, quirky, crazy boys!  This one is dedicated to all those little guys with a curious mind and a hilarious sense of humor. Well, I have several grand nephews and it is always fun to find just the right kit to show them off! You can pick up the bundle at both Gingerscraps and Scraps N' Pieces.
Here's a peek:
 These little guys love playing in big cardboard their Dad added a door and some windows - they had great fun until it went to the paper recycle bin!

 Now let's turn to the fall. The days are growing cooler and the ground is littered with the gorgeous reds, yellows, and oranges of the falling leaves.  Grab your rake because there’s work to be done.  Pile up those leaves and clean up the yard (but be sure to have a little jump in the leaf pile first!)

You can get Rake in the Smiles at Scraps N' Pieces - these are part of the Bits N Pieces so you can grab each part from the store for the first week at a great price, after that you can get it all bundled up. Natasha also made a couple freebies that you can grab on her blog.
 This one is from our pumpkin patch visit in 2015. I also used Spring Fling 
Vol 1Templates to do both of my layouts.

The WonderFall Bundle was designed for the Buffet at Gingerscraps.  Cool, crisp mornings and sunny, warm afternoons… autumn is upon us!  The leaves are a splendour of reds, oranges, and yellows which delight the eye.  Welcome Wonder-Fall!
I loved this so much that I actually could not help but do two layouts. This little guy just melts my heart!
 And who doesn't like Daddy to not pull them around with their pumpkins on a cart!
 Have a wonderful October!