Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Design Mentoring Kit and an Addon

Thank you for coming back.  As promised today the Design Mentoring Class at Scraps N Pieces kits are all ready for you!  They are being given to you in the Forum Gallery at Scraps N Pieces.  If you haven't already signed up at the Forum you might want to so that you can grab some great quality checked kits for free!

Here is a peek at my Seaside Resort kit preview and below that are the links to the Add On that I did.  The add-on I QC'd myself and I think you will enjoy the kit as a whole once you have downloaded the whole thing!


And here is the preview of my Seaside Resort Add On.  See the links below for direct downloads and Enjoy!

If you could take a moment to click on an emotion or leave a comment it would really be appreciated.

And don't forget to come back on June 15th for the next Blog Train - "Fathers and Sons" with this palette:



  1. Thank you for the lovely Seaside Resort kit, especially love how the softer shades of the add-on compliment the darker shades of the main kit.

  2. Hi janet,

    I was on team 6 of the designer mentoring course. Love your kit and the addon. I also made an addon which you can find on my blog (

  3. Beautiful kit!! Thank you so much for sharing! :)