Thursday, June 13, 2013

Natural Beauty - A New Kit from Busy Crafting Mommy Designs

This kit is perfect for you if you enjoy sitting quietly outside and letting the world move around you. Do you like sketching trees and animals or feeling the rough texture of tree bark as you make tree rubbings? The earthy tones of this kit are accentuated with a beautiful sky blue and would work great for your outdoor photos. **Part of this kit was offered as a freebie during a designer competition, so check your stash before purchasing.  photo BCMD_NB_blankpreview.jpg
You can grab this kit at either STS or SNP for 40% off through Sunday

Be sure to check out the beautiful pages made by Meg's CT:

By Wendy:
  photo HelloSummer2013_BCMD_NaturalBeauty_amorrison_slainte1_tp_zps1858f18e.jpg  photo NaturalBeauty_bcmd_naturalbeauty_ponytails_templ7_3.jpg

By Robin:

  photo SC_FP_T4_BCMD_NB_lo2_Robin_web_zpsd0f5f00f.jpg  photo SC_Freebie_tiff_bcmd_naturalbeauty_lo1_web_zpsfb3a318a.jpg

By Janet:

  photo The_Windward_Side_of_Oahu.jpg  photo Baby_Jackson.jpg

By Jenn:
 photo TheGrackles_zps0a34d691.jpg

 Jenn also has a freebie on her blog

 photo TJD_BCMD_NB_PaperStackFreebie_zpsa569ff52.jpg

 By Meg:
  photo 2011-10Fionasmile.jpg

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