Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January Freeze and Some Great New Templates from Busy Crafting Mommy Designs - and I have a Freebie for You!

Are you working on a P365/P52 project this year? If so this kit will be perfect for capturing your January memories! January can be a bit dull and dreary (at least where Meg lives!) but sometimes you get that sparkle of sun on snow and everything can look beautiful again. Meg wanted to capture some of the sparkle that you can find in a snow covered scene in this kit as well as include several elements inspired by fun winter activities. She is planning a set of kits and templates for every month this year. They will be perfect for you whether you are doing a Project Life scrapbook or even standard layouts. You can buy the January Freeze kit and templates separately or together in a bundle and save! Buy the bundle and save!
  photo BCMD_JF_bundlepreview.jpg 
January Freeze kit:
 photo BCMD_JF_preview.jpg 
 photo BCMD_JF_paperpreview.jpg 
 photo BCMD_JF_alphapreview.jpg 
January words included in the kit:
 photo BCMD_JF_wordspreview.jpg 
 photo BCMD_JF_templatepreview.jpg 
Check out the beautiful pages made by our CT: using the kit:
by Melissa:
 photo 1545977_10152174950891103_1331531953_n.jpg 
A freebie from Melissa on her blog:
 photo 1507558_10152177813041103_1712002676_n.jpg 
by Shellby: 
 photo 1549276_10104047738157133_102929656_n.jpg 
by Wendy:  photo 1487406_10201345403336719_465799208_n.jpg  photo 1497592_10201341291553927_462984024_n.jpg 
by Janet:
 photo 1016511_485419424912212_788016865_n.jpg 
Janet also has a freebie for you on her blog:
 photo 1509049_485419411578880_424812264_n.jpg 
By Meg:
 photo 522420_10152495284432004_649400677_n1.jpg 
Using the templates: by Melissa:  photo 1551568_10152177896786103_1442394342_n.jpg 
by Shellby:
 photo 1545646_10104046338222613_1797357049_n.jpg 
by Wendy:
  photo 1011087_10201353736585045_1782832444_n.jpg 
by Meg:
A little gift from me:
And you can get my cluster freebie in a direct download here 


  1. Thanks for the great freebie! You have been listed on a website featuring hand-picked designer digi freebies (with a link to your page for downloading)! Visit the website if you would like a badge.

  2. Janet, thank you for this very lovely cluster. -Marie