Friday, January 31, 2014

More Templates...Hooray! I Love Templates and These New Ones are Big and Beautiful!

Highlight those you love with these beautiful scrapbook pages by busy Crafting Mommy Designs that feature large and beautiful photos. These templates coordinate with the rest of BNP kits for February at SNP. This set comes with TIFF, PSD, PNG, and SBPage formats.
Best of all, these templates are on sale for just $1 the first week.
 photo BCMD_BBT_preview.jpg 
By Melissa: using Busy Crafting Mommy's kit Deer to Me
 photo 1170779_10152206098801103_2118468689_n.jpg 
using Busy Crafting Mommy's kit Deer to Me
 photo 1538786_10152206053841103_1865461367_n1.jpg 
using Retro Valentine by Arizona Girl
 photo 1609769_10152206294786103_1177512823_n.jpg 
By Shellby: using Busy Crafting Mommy's kit Angelic
 photo 1538710_10104102899458443_943437340_n.jpg 
By Janet: using Busy Crafting Mommy's kit Dreams and Wishes
 photo 1499691_492897800831041_1786344995_n.jpg 
using Busy Crafting Mommy'skit Deer to Me 
 photo 1517429_491056774348477_107291342_n.jpg 
using Busy Crafting Mommy's kit Tea with Mom
 photo 1604512_491056794348475_1503060368_n1.jpg 
by Robin: using Busy Crafting Mommy's kit Start Again
 photo 1623436_698468446841931_1533642841_n.jpg 
By Wendy: using Busy Crafting Mommy's kit Deer to Me
 photo 1538692_10201457996471477_815869809_n.jpg 
by Meg (using a kit Denim and Lace by Shel Belle Scraps):
 photo 2013-6ballerinagirls.jpg 
using Busy Crafting Mommy's kit Spooktacular
   photo 2013-10Boo.jpg
Feels like there's a little love in the air...must be February. The designers at Scraps N' Pieces LOVE their family, so much so that there is all kinds of LOVE wrapped up in the store collab kit and our Bits N Pieces goodies.
Sweet On You - February Store Collab Kit
Grab this awesomely sweet kit while it's on sale...
February Bits N Pieces
The designers were provided colors and decided to leave the theme open to their imaginations. Check out what all these great designers decided to create with just colors to guide them. Remember each piece is just $1 the first week of the month, and you can use these goodies all month to earn forum points in the BnP Challenge.
February CU Grab Bag - Crease It Up!
Need a little creasing in your designs, grab this CU grab bag while it's on sale.
Scraps N Pieces February Speed Scrap Schedule
It'd be really SWEET to see you around the forum in February!

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