Thursday, February 13, 2014

Here's a New Release in Busy Crafting Mommy Designs's Series, It's Awesome!

Meg of Busy Crafting Mommy Designs has her second installment in her Project Life series available for you today, it's called February Love and it is full of beautiful elements, papers, words, and an alpha to help you tell your stories about February. This kit is also full of great Valentine's themed items! Valentine's Day is filled with hearts, love, beautiful flowers, and lovely tasty chocolates! You may also exchange heart-felt Valentine's with your loved ones. What better way to document the special people in your life, and show your love for them, than with a beautiful scrapbook page! This kit is a beautiful mix of pink, red, chocolate brown, and a touch of cheerful yellow! You can purchase the kit and template sets separate (they are on sale for 40% off the first week) or buy them in a bundle and save! February Love Kit

 photo BCMD_FebLove_preview.jpg 
  photo BCMD_FebLove_paperspreview.jpg 
 alpha included with kit:
  photo BCMD_FebLove_alphapreview.jpg 
 words included with the kit:  photo BCMD_FebLove_wordspreview.jpg 
 February Love Templates:  photo BCMD_FebLove_templatepreview.jpg 
 Or buy the bundle including all of the above:  photo BCMD_FebLove_bundlepreview.jpg 
 Be sure to check out the beautiful pages by Meg's daughter and our CT team: Meg's daughter wanted to make her school Valentine's on photoshop and used this new kit. She worked super hard and made the cutest Valentine!
  photo fisvalentine.jpg 
 By Janet using Feb Love kit and my Big Beautiful Template:  photo 1798875_499574500163371_1049406080_n.jpg  photo 1779275_497104767077011_590723250_n.jpg 
 By Melissa using Feburary Love kit and template  photo 1897880_10152232753851103_55845346_n.jpg Melissa has a freebie on her blog:  photo 1507998_10152232754091103_864741119_n.jpg 
 By Robin using Feburary Love kit and template:  photo 1902837_705014516187324_2054767340_n.jpg  photo 1796568_705014719520637_550602711_n.jpg 
 and a freebie from Robin:  photo 1920582_705026292852813_513404899_n.jpg 
 by Wendy:  photo 1557677_10201498062513103_1228295257_n.jpg 
using a kit Whole New Me by Ponytails Designs and my Feb Love templates:  photo 1779226_10201491587511232_488286304_n.jpg  photo 1001027_10201491586231200_1071858427_n.jpg 
 Wendy also has a freebie for you on her blog:  photo 1795514_10201498078193495_361756925_n.jpg 
 By Shellby:  photo 1601182_10104140679936063_1836984030_n.jpg  photo 1610012_10104140680120693_1403110622_n.jpg 
 Shellby also has a freebie on her blog:  photo 67872_10104140681273383_1976115559_n.jpg 
 by me: 
 photo 1794678_10152580338322004_76860019_n.jpg  photo 1549476_10152537651717004_2072609077_n.jpg 
by Meg using Feb Love Template and my kit Feel Love:  photo 1655891_10152580338417004_540016370_n.jpg 
Be sure to stop back by Scraps n Pieces on Saturday. Meg has several of her love themed kits in the Super Saturday bin: You can grab Feel Love for just $1  photo BCMD_FL_SNPpreview-1.jpg 
Deer to Me for $2
  photo BCMD_DTM_preview_zps84f718ec.jpg 
 Wonderful for $2
  photo BCMD_wonderful_preview_zps874595b1.jpg 
Check out some beautiful pages made with these kits: using Feel Love: 
 photo Wendy-3-1.jpg 
Using Deer to Me 
 photo wt_BCMD_DeerToMe_K2012.jpg 
Using Wonderful:
 photo 2013-3Wonderland.jpg  photo DC_BCMD_Wonderful_LO1_zps8e8e5ed5.jpg

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